Take notice that we keep saying ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. That means YOU ARE SURETY for any action taken. This is a PRIVATE NETWORK and belongs to a trust held for over 30 years. We are people who love Computer Science and all that it brings us. We have clients going back decades, and we build them amazing things that they couldn't get elsewhere. We learn about every business we work with, so we can build what others cannot (or will not for a good rate). Above all, we teach. We show our clients how to do what we do, so they don't need us.

This page is deployed on servers that are freshly installed or for classroom sessions. Our private global network is huge, and is way more professional than anything you see here. You see, we are not selling anything! That's what the title says. You came to US. We did not come to you.


  • We don't care what you think. We have not asked for anything from you, and if we had, we would not have sent you here!
  • We don't care if we hurt your feelings. We tell the truth. We will never change that, no matter how much you cry, piss and moan. Facts don't care what you feel about them and we do not accept whatever non-reality you are selling.
  • We don't want to do business with you. You are not qualified. Most of you don't know what money is.
  • We don't care about your fucking “privacy” and will collect any and all information we like about you, and sell it to whoever is dumb enough to pay us for your worthless details. YOU CONSENTED